Hi, I'm Jourdan Blue

I'm a licensed therapist and creator of Relationship Theory.

Did you know 80% of relationships fail, 80% will struggle with mental health in their lifetime, and 80% have low self-esteem, 80% struggle financially, 80% dislike their jobs, etc...?

I could keep going, but my point is... 80% of people are not living the life they dreamed.

I've made it my mission to help people become the 20% in the 3 big areas of Health, Wealth, and Relationships..

But to tell the truth I started this journey to help myself...

I grew up poor with just my divorced dad in a little house out in the country. To save money we didn’t turn on the heat in the winter, wore coats inside, and ate Nutri-Grain Cereal Bars for dinner.

I share that to say… growing up I did not have a good relationship with health, money, or romantic relationships. No one taught me how to have good relationship with my mental or physical health. No one taught me how to be successful. And since my dad and mom had both been through a total of 5 divorces, no one taught me how to have a health relationship.

See, after spending 10 years in two dead end relationships, I hit rock bottom. It felt like I'd never find or keep real love... just like my divorced parents.

This was the moment when I decided to make a change in my life. I started researching the science and psychology of how to find, develop, and keep love because I wanted to make sure my next relationship actually lasted. At the time, my mental health wasn't great and my chances of success were slim.

But what I found change my life...

  • Discovered the research backed secret to find (and keep) love that lasts
  • ​​Found the love of my life, ​Ryan, and created a secure relationship​​​​f
  • Developed and tested ​my method with thousands of clients and students
  • Perfected​ this method into a step-by-step process ​that gets results
  • Helped men and women around the world get a 20% relationship​

The truth is, it's not your fault that you've struggled in relationships.

The therapy and self-help industries have failed us with misinformation and lies. And, I'm here to change that.

Unfortunately, 80% of relationships fail. That is why my team and I have dedicated our lives to helping our clients and students become the 20% of relationships that last.

Not only do I help people get a 20% kind of relationship, the work my team does help our clients and students become more successful, happier, and healthier.

FUN FACT: Good relationships make us happier, help us live longer, healthier lives, and make us more successful by an average of $141,000 a year.
(Source: 80 year Harvard study)

That's why we like to say we help people become the top 20% of Relationships, Mental Health, and Success.

​As a direct, fast paced, and results driven therapist, my method can absolutely change your life if you choose to follow it.

Relationship Theory is the NEW way to get a 20% relationship that actually lasts... change your mental health... and achieve the success you want... all at the same time.


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"No man will ever love you"

My dad told me as a little girl

Relationship 1

Relationship 2

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I released a book called Relationship Theory: How I Help My Clients Find (and Keep) a Healthy Relationship.

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If a _____ girl can do it, then you can too.

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