Our Mission

It is our firm stance that the current quality of love and relationship education is lacking in the self-help and therapy industry.

"Our Mission Is To Help People Find, Create, and Keep a Healthy Secure Relationship by using research and science so we can expand the 20% of people that have successful thriving secure relationships."

We market our programs mainly with students results and testimonials, not flashy marketing, because at the send of the day results are the only thing that matters, and we get results.

We are on a mission to give every person the chance to choose to get their dream relationship through the process of rewiring their brain back to what they were designed for - secure attachment.

We will extend ourselves in every way possible to make sure this information about what kind of love we are wired for and how to get it is accessible to anyone that looks for it.

We will deliver the facts directly, and with both compassion and tough love.

We will join with people through the truth, and will not back down to any relationship myths or shaming push backs.

We are committed to staying in this arena and never retreating to the cheap seats, no matter what.

We believe every person is lovable and good enough.

We also believe that everyone is special, but “not that special” to be the one person that this rewiring process won’t work for.

We want to grow the “20% of thriving couples” and to be the ultimate bridge for those who have struggled in relationships to have the transformation they have always craved.

We do this because of the authentic passion and love in our hearts for all of those out there that reminds us of who we were before we got this information - and we will forever continue “paying it forward".

We want everyone to have the Chance AND Choice to cross the “Becoming The Twenty Percent” Bridge.

Relationship Theory gives you the ultimate chance so you can make the ultimate choice.

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We've helped over 1,000 men and women find, develop, save, and keep a healthy secure relationship.

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