Discover The Secret Behind Why Our Client's Love Stories Actually Last

We help singles Find Love and couples Keep Love.

Our clients become the 20% of relationships that both thrive and last. This result is achieved
 by using a unique proprietary method backed by 90 years of scientific research.

This method is called Relationship Theory.



Hi, I'm Jourdan Blue

After spending 10 years in two dead end relationships, I hit rock bottom and it felt like I'd never find or keep real love... and that I'd end up just like my divorced parents. This was the moment when I decided to make a change in my life and I started researching the science and psychology behind how to find, develop, and keep love because I wanted to make sure my next relationship actually lasted.

Since then, I've:

  • Discovered the research backed secret to finding (and keeping) love that lasts
  • Found the love of my life, ​Ryan, and created a secure relationship​
  • ​​Developed and tested ​my method with thousands of clients
  • Perfected​ this method into a step-by-step process ​that gets results
  • Helped men and women around the world get the relationship of their dreams

Now my team and I help our single clients Find Love and our couples Keep Love.

The truth is, it's not your fault that you've struggled in relationships. The therapy and self-help industries have failed us with misinformation and lies. And, I'm here to change that.

As a direct, fast paced, and results driven therapist, my method can absolutely change your life if you choose to follow it.
Relationship Theory is the NEW way to get a relationship that actually lasts.

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Who We Help

Singles and Couples

Did you know 80% of relationships fail by ending in a breakup, divorce, or together but unhappy?

We help our single clients Find Love and our couples clients Keep Love and then make sure the relationship lasts by using a unique process backed by 90 years of research so that they can join the 20% of successful couples.

Find Love

For Singles

Find & Develop Love.

This researched backed process resets your brain back to the secure attachment it was wired for so you can find and develop a secure relationship.

This is ideal for:

+ Individuals that are currently single or in a situation-ship

+ Individuals that are in a newer or more casual relationship 

Keep Love

For Couples

Keep & Save Love.

This researched backed process resets the rewiring of both partner's brains to secure attachment so you and your partner can keep, save and grow your relationship.

This is ideal for:

+ Couples that are struggling and want to save things

+ Couples in a good relationship that want to grow further

How We Work

When you become a client for one of our programs, we use a proprietary 3 step process based on over 90 years of research to help our clients get the love they want.

Step 1

Gain Real Awareness.

First we will make you aware of the real reasons why you've struggled to find (and keep) a healthy relationship. The therapy and self-help industries are filled with misinformation that have failed you.

We will give you the awareness of how to break your patterns so you can rewire your brain's neural pathways for true change.

Step 2

Apply The Right Tools.

Application is huge. If all you have is awareness and no idea how to change things, then the entire toxic cycle of relationships just becomes even more frustrating. The right tools are key.

We will deliver the real "step-by-step" that will give your brain the reps it needs to strengthen those new neural pathways.

Step 3

Find & Keep Love

Follow the process laid out for you and your new neural pathways will have created a NEW permanent change in your brain. This will give you the ability find, develop and keep a healthy secure relationship.

By going through this process, you and your new (or current) partner will have the relationship others will be jealous of.

What Makes Us Different

We not only help our clients find love, but we also make sure their relationship lasts for life.

Jourdan is different from most therapists. She is direct. She challenges her clients and students, and she gets results. Most therapists are passive, sit back and ask “how does that make you feel?” That’s not how Jourdan and her team work. We are here to change the industry from the inside out, because we care about actually helping our clients get results. Jourdan has all the ethics and professionalism of a therapist while also actually being relatable and active in making sure her clients get ACTUAL results.

We are not like other programs. We are not surface level or full of fluff. We get to the heart of the problem and provide a new step-by-step path to the result you want. If Jourdan promises a result, then she will go out of her way to help you get there. We may overwhelm you, but we will NEVER "underwhelm" you. Our goal is to get you the love you want and make it last. Period.

We deeply care about our couples STAYING together. Most programs and coaches focus on getting you a relationship, but then leave you on your own. The relationships we both create & save are only a true success to us if the results truly last a lifetime. Our process will make you "feel good" - but it also produces permanent change. Our success stories are success stories for life.

We actually know about EACH of our private clients. We have dedicated our life to this mission of getting the RIGHT information out to all those that are seeking it. We attend many of our client's weddings and Jourdan also OFFICIATES many of them as well. We are passionate and absolutely doing this for ALL the right reasons - and all of our clients feel that.


Our Client Results

What really matters is results. Watch our client interviews to see how we've helped our clients find real love. These videos will help you make a decisive decision on working with us.


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