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Where Relationship Theory Started

After Jourdan Blue finished graduate school to become a licensed therapist, she moved to Nashville, Tennessee with the dream of starting a small private therapy practice, but her graduate program did not set her up for success.

When she sat down in the therapy room with one of her first couples, the husband said, "I don't think this is going to work." That's when Jourdan realized that she knew a lot of "fun facts", but didn't know the steps of how to help a couple save their relationship.

That launched her into looking for research studies on the science and psychology of relationships over the last 100 years.

And from that research was born Relationship Theory.

Today the company has evolved into a market leader that helps everyday people find/keep a healthy secure relationship that lasts through an exact step-by-step systematic process.

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The Office

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The Waiting Room

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The Therapy Offices

The All Star Team

Our team is handpicked, not based on just their skills or how much they believe in the mission, but also on the fact they personally found their partner because of our programs and methods. We don't just go through the motions, we constantly push forward to build a company that gets bigger and better results for our clients, students, and customers.

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The People We Help

Our focus is to get our clients results

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We've helped over 1,000 men and women find, develop, save, and keep a healthy secure relationship.

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Relationship Theory

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