Bad Relationships: Dump the Trash

by Tobe Hitch on July 12, 2011

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I don’t know about you guys, but there are so many times when I shake my head at a relationship that I know is just horrible for either the girl or the guy. I’ve known more than my share of girls who stick around in emotionally (and possibly physically) abusive relationships even when everyone in the freaking world (including they themselves) knows that the relationship is corrosive to their lives. I’ve known more than my share of guys who stick around with girls who are (for lack of a better term) bitches, and the guys stay with them even when its obvious that it’s having a horrible effect on the guy’s life.

I’m sure you guys have known someone like this, or maybe you’re in one of these relationships. In fact, many people who comment on my blog seem to be stuck and trapped in these types of relationships. They constantly ask me this question: What am I supposed to do? Here’s my reply: (Continue…)


6 Month Bump, 1 Year Hump, 2 Year Done

by Tobe Hitch October 3, 2010
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Today we’re going to do a bit of discussion on the six month to two year relationship. When I evaluate my relationships, my friend’s relationships, and my sister’s relationships I notice a pretty common trend: 6 month bump, 1 year hump (and no I’m not making a sexual reference, perverts :p), 2 year done (roughly, […]

Why Guys and Girls Have Difficulty Communicating

by Tobe Hitch October 22, 2009
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One of my friends recently directed me to this very fascinating google phenomenon that is absolutely hilarious. As everyone who uses google regularly knows, based on what you start typing in the search bar, google will “anticipate” what the rest of your statement will be in accordance with popular search topics that contain your proposed […]

What is DTR (Defining The Relationship)?

by Tobe Hitch October 10, 2009
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DTR (Defining the relationship), is “talking” to the guy/girl of potential romantic interest and “communicating” with them what your intent in this relationship is. Do you want to date? Do you see him/her as just a friend? DTR is a very, very important communication requirement in any relationship where the possibility of romance exists. Previous […]

Can Guys and Girls Just Be Friends?

by Tobe Hitch October 7, 2009
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I’ve heard the stories countless amounts of times, and I’m sure you have, too. As a matter of fact, maybe you’re in one of them right now. Two naive and innocent “friends” think, believe, and hope that their gender difference will not play a part in their interaction. Yet, as a result of unguarded feelings and […]

Getting Over Hopeless Infatuations

by Tobe Hitch July 8, 2009
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It sucks to be stuck in a hopeless infatuation. In a scenario like this, a person is in love with a girl or guy that he/she knows it will never work out with because the person is bad for them, and yet this person can’t help himself/herself. In the case of a hopeless infatuation, you know […]

The Ladder Theory

by Tobe Hitch March 17, 2009
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Here’s an interesting concept in the dating world, The Ladder Theory. The ladder theory is ultimately quite simple: men have one ladder, women have two ladders. The ladder represents our willingness to “date” someone. For instance, the higher someone is on the ladder, the more likely we are to date them. The lower they are, unfortunately, […]